TOTAL PLEDGED: $7,400.00

$100.OO covers almost one day of education

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Total Raised 2020

After working closely with the Diocese of Manchester, we determined that we raised over $7,400! Thank you all–parishioners, sponsors, NH Knights of Columbus members, Castletown Media, the Manchester Diocese, and our priests and discerning seminarians–who made this possible.

What A Hike!

8.4 miles hiked, many people met, and over $5,700 raised for seminarian education! Thank you all: donors, parishioners, clergymen, Knights of Columbus members, and my two dear friends who accompanied me along the way. Now, it is time to complete your donation! You should have received an e-mail detailing how you should complete your donation.Continue reading “What A Hike!”

Roughly 45 Days of Education

The Carry The Cross Fundraiser has now raised $4,580.00! This will provide enough support for approximately 45 days of seminarian education! *Note* I apologize for what the home page previously said about what one hour of seminarian education is equivalent to. I had incorrectly stated that, “$100.00 covers one hour.” In actuality, $100.00 covers almostContinue reading “Roughly 45 Days of Education”

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