TOTAL PLEDGED: $5,970.00

$100.OO covers almost one day of education

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What A Hike!

8.4 miles hiked, many people met, and over $5,700 raised for seminarian education! Thank you all: donors, parishioners, clergymen, Knights of Columbus members, and my two dear friends who accompanied me along the way. Now, it is time to complete your donation! You should have received an e-mail detailing how you should complete your donation.Continue reading “What A Hike!”

Roughly 45 Days of Education

The Carry The Cross Fundraiser has now raised $4,580.00! This will provide enough support for approximately 45 days of seminarian education! *Note* I apologize for what the home page previously said about what one hour of seminarian education is equivalent to. I had incorrectly stated that, “$100.00 covers one hour.” In actuality, $100.00 covers almostContinue reading “Roughly 45 Days of Education”

One Week Away!

Sponsors, Parishioners, Catholics of NH, The Carry The Cross Fundraiser is one week away! On Saturday, October 10th, the hike will begin at 7:15-7:30am at the Old Bridle Path Trailhead. Following the hike, information regarding the hike (pictures, videos) and how to complete your pledge will be sent out. $3,880.00 has been raised. It hasContinue reading “One Week Away!”

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