What A Hike!

Franconia Ridge Trail – Saturday, October 10th, 2020

8.4 miles hiked, many people met, and over $5,700 raised for seminarian education! Thank you all: donors, parishioners, clergymen, Knights of Columbus members, and my two dear friends who accompanied me along the way.

Now, it is time to complete your donation! You should have received an e-mail detailing how you should complete your donation.

If you have not received an e-mail with this information, please reach me at blaisexomara@gmail.com.

Roughly 45 Days of Education

The Carry The Cross Fundraiser has now raised $4,580.00! This will provide enough support for approximately 45 days of seminarian education!


I apologize for what the home page previously said about what one hour of seminarian education is equivalent to. I had incorrectly stated that, “$100.00 covers one hour.” In actuality, $100.00 covers almost one day of education. This is a significant difference, and I am sorry for the unintentional misinformation.


Blaise O’Mara

One Week Away!

Sponsors, Parishioners, Catholics of NH,

The Carry The Cross Fundraiser is one week away! On Saturday, October 10th, the hike will begin at 7:15-7:30am at the Old Bridle Path Trailhead.

Photo by: Katie Wanders

Following the hike, information regarding the hike (pictures, videos) and how to complete your pledge will be sent out.

$3,880.00 has been raised. It has been amazing to see parishioners accross New Hampshire come together to support this cause. Truly, the future of the Catholic Church, traditions, and faith has a bright future.

With immense gratitude, thank you, parishioners of:

Christ the King

Holy Cross

Immaculate Heart of Mary

St. Andre Bessette

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Gabriel

St. Joseph

St. Mary

St. Patrick (Nashua)

St. Patrick (Newport)

St. Thomas Aquinas

What is the Carry The Cross Fundraiser?

We all are called to service. At the New Hampshire Manchester Diocese, thirteen men have been called to the priesthood. These seminarians shoulder the future of our Catholic institutions, communities, and traditions. This future is our family. This future is our blessed sacraments. This future is our faith. These men have not only taken up their cross—they have taken up ours.

The purpose of the Carry The Cross Fundraiser is to help pay for the education of our holy seminarians, whom you can learn about here. On Saturday, October 10th, the Knights of Columbus member Blaise O’Mara will be carrying a cross along the 8.4-mile Franconia Notch Ridge Trail to raise money for the seminarians. To donate to the cause, please pledge any donation amount and sponsor Blaise.

If you’d like to pledge and be a sponsor, please submit your name, Parish name, pledge amount, and e-mail to blaisexomara@gmail.com. Or, consider donating directly to the Seminarian Education Fund.